10 Things to Know about Newborns

Babies are the most beautiful thing in the world. The same is your newborn baby. They need proper care to continue this beauty. If you become a parent for the first time, you may not know everything about how to take care of babies. Here I’m going to tell about 10 things that you need to know about newborns.

Newborns eat continuously

 Your newborn has a little stomach. This stomach fills up easily and quickly. Besides, it also becomes empty easily and quickly. So, you need to feed him continuously. Maybe, after every two/three hours, the stomach of your newborn wants food. So, you always have to keep your eyes on the newborn to know when he wants to eat.

Newborns mix day and night

 If you are annoyed in the fact that your baby sleeps on the day and stays awake at night, maybe there is nothing to do. Newborns can’t understand day and night. They often mix these up and their sleeping pattern becomes different. All you can do is to try to make him sleep at night so that he stays awake in daytime.

You need to handle newborn carefully

When a baby comes to the earth, every portion of his body remains weak. So, you have to handle the newborn very carefully. You should specially keep your eyes on the joints. The joints of a newborn are very weak. A small pressure may create a huge problem for him.

Newborns don’t need bath every day

The skin of your newborn is very much sensitive. So, you don’t need to give him a bath every day. Another reason behind this is, he doesn’t go out and remain exposed to dust. You can give him a full bath after every 2-3 days. On other days, you can just wipe the full body with a soft wet piece of cloth will be great.

You have to tolerate the cry

At the first some days of life, your baby will have only one way to communicate with you. Crying is that way. So, he’ll cry a lot. And it may be too much loud. He’ll cry when he is hungry, feels cold or hot or feels lonely. As a parent, you’ll have to tolerate it and response accordingly.

Your smell will help him to identify you

Among the six senses, the sense of smelling starts developing from the womb. As a result, a baby comes to the earth with a strong smelling sense. He will identify you by your smell. So, don’t use perfumes when you are a new parent. I am just kidding. But it will be better to keep your natural smell if you have a newborn.

Newborns can be taken out

You can take your newborn baby out after 1-2 weeks of birth. Taking out will help him to know the outside light, air and sounds. But if the weather is extreme, per babys.reviews,  don’t do this because he has a sensitive skin. Ta take out your newborn, you can use a stroller. Get a stroller that can accommodate your baby. Baby carrier will help you too.

Baby can be good in small bed

You may use small beds or bassinets for your baby. Big beds might be a bit uncomfortable to your baby. In this case, keeping in a small bassinet will be comfortable for him. You can sometimes swing it to give him some happiness.

Newborns love light sounds

To newborns, light sound is a source of joy. They love to hear light sounds, your voice, poems etc. That’s why they give you a smile back when you call his name or recite kid’s rhymes. So, keep entertaining him with all of these. These will keep him cheerful and fresh.

Newborns are unpredictable

Newborns take time to adopt the world outside the womb. So the behavior of your baby will be unpredictable. If you can’t understand what he is trying to mean, don’t lose hope. Just try to understand. Day by day you’ll see that his behavior has turned to natural and you know what he wants to say.

If you have a newborn, you are passing the best time of your life. In this time, you’ll have to do a lot of works. But you’ll find peace and happiness in those works. So, take care of your little love with great care. Best of luck.

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Jennifer Shackelford

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