11 Little Boy Haircuts To Try On Your Toddler

Everyone likes to look good, personally, I visit the salon at least twice every month just to ensure that I have my hair done and l look good. Our toddler little boys are no exemption, they also want to look good and you would be surprised by how much a good haircut can make him look more handsome. There are over 100 little boy haircuts to choose from and I have to agree it’s never easy choosing the perfect one. My son wanted to have a similar haircut to his favorite celebrity and at first I hesitated thinking that it wouldn’t look good on him, however, I later approved it and it was just perfect.

As a mother, we can at times find ourselves under pressure of trying and finding the perfect hairstyle for our little angels who are no longer babies anymore and need to look handsome. This article has prepared a list of various cool little boy haircuts you can try on your toddler

1. The mop top little boy haircuts

The mop top little boy haircuts

Some toddler boys tend to have longer hair than others depending on their genes. The mop top works perfectly on wavy or fine hair that has some form of texture. If your toddler has pinned straight hair then this isn’t his hairstyle. This particular hairstyle covers the ears and neck region with the layers at the back being longer than the ones on the front. The frame wispy falls above your little boy’s eye and blend in with the other layers on the ears and neck. It shouldn’t be kept too short since it has to have the shaggy look but at the same time, t has to be kept clean.

2. The faux hawk

As a parent, I was against my little boy getting a Mohawk haircut. It has been associated with criminals and it looks shaggy. For other conservative parents like me, the faux hawk haircut should be the one you try on if your little boy insists on having a Mohawk. The haircut is perfectly suited for all face shapes except the oval. This tapered haircut is quite common maybe due to the fact that it is more dignified and always brings the best look from your toddler. It is relatively similar to a Mohawk with the only difference being the absence of closely shaved sides.

3. Little Johnny Bravo

Kids will always try and emulate their idols. And given that my little boy used to love watching cartoons very much, well it was impossible for him not to notice Johnny Bravo’s cool haircut. The good thing about this hairstyle is that you can do it at home. It fits toddlers with round or oval shaped face and has thick hair. So, how can you do this at home? Apply some wax or texture lotion on his hair then brush it using a vent brush. Try and make the hair stick up high finally use some hair spray. There you have it, your kid will feel like little Jonny Bravo. Well, to you it might seem as just a haircut, but to him looking like his idol means everything to him. With every haircut ensure that you take a photo and preserve it in his memory book so that years later he can look back and see how much cool his parents were since they had him have cool little boy haircuts

4. The side swept haircut

The side swept haircut

This hairstyle is decent and is perfect for kids with wavy and textured hair. This is the haircut my kid had when I first took him to school and it not only made him look decent but handsome too. With the haircut, the relaxing gel is applied to his hair then it made to form layers on the side. Unlike the mop top, this hairstyle doesn’t cover his eyes, neck or ears. It is easy to keep it clean and works perfectly with all facial shapes.

5. Future army man little boy haircuts

Given the various army movies, quite a handful of toddler boys has fallen n love with the army man hairstyle. Well, it is quite obvious; the army is against having long hair or over exaggerated stylish hair. The hair needs to be kept short and neat. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it works for all types of hairs and all facial shapes. The only throwback with the haircut would be that his hair would have to be made short and it would take a while before he can grow back his hair and experiment on other hairstyles.

6. Shortened texture

Works perfectly for toddlers with thick hair and this haircut will not only make him look handsome but it is also easy to maintain. On the top, the hair is spiky whereas on the side it is made to relax. It doesn’t cover the ears or the neck and it is quite decent. The haircut is common to not only the little boys but also to adults.

7. Classic curly haircut little boy haircuts

Classic curly haircut little boy haircuts

Some kids are born with naturally curly hair while as some are not. The fun factor on having your toddler take haircut is the experimentation part of it. Personally, I think toddlers look good with curly hair. With the classic curly haircut, curling gel is applied on your toddler’s hair and then styled to different curl layers. This haircut might prove quite tricky to maintain but it is worth trying. Again, ensure that you take a photo him with the hairstyle.

8. Undercut hairstyle with shaved sides

This haircut was debuted by Rihanna and has taken the haircut fashion by storm. Apart from the fact that I have always admired her, personally I think that this hairstyle looks perfect on not only the ladies but also the men and toddler boys. The haircut involves shaving the sides and leaving the top hair untouched. And Rihanna wasn’t the only celebrity who made the hairstyle famous; David Beckham and his son too had a similar haircut.

9. Business class Little boy haircuts

Business class Little boy haircuts

This haircut will make your toddler look well groomed, decent and handsome. It applies to little boys with triangular, oval or square faces and that not all, it will also look perfect on him regardless of whether he has thick, thin or textured hair. You don’t have to go to the barber to have this haircut, you can do it at home all you need us to trim his hair on the sides and make the hair on the top to be uniform. Apply soothing lotion on the hair then style it by swiping the hair to the sides.

10. Classic wispy little boy haircuts

Speaking on behalf of parents, we tend to give attention to haircuts with the word classic and it is no surprise that the haircuts never disappoint. With this hairstyle, the hair is kept short around the ears and it gradually increases as you move towards the top where we have the textured long hair. The haircut is perfect for all ages and this can be the new gig for your little boy.

11. Cropped little boy haircuts

If your little toddler has a triangular, oval or square face then you should try out this haircut. Hair is cut to uniform size throughout, some gel applied to the hair. The hairstyle looks neat and it is easy to maintain.


It is my hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and most importantly found it useful. You can also read more about Hair Brush Straightener or Cordless Hair Clippers. It is always a challenge determining the haircut that would look perfect on our little boys. On the brighter side, this article has walked you through various trendy and decent little boy haircuts that you can consider trying out on your toddler. Don’t keep all this knowledge to yourself, share this article with a friend or two and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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