9 Little Girl Haircuts To Bring Out The Beauty From Your Angel

Little girls are like angels, they are super cute and innocent. Personally, I love children and especially girls. As parents we have to agree, it’s never an easy task choosing the perfect haircut for our angels. Most of the times we are torn between keeping the hair short, medium or long, your angel has no much decision to make on this so as a parent you have to step up and choose one of the best little girl haircuts.

Statistically, there are over 100 little girl haircuts styles but, not everything will look good on your little girl. Depending on whether her hair is curly, textured or soft there will always be a haircut that will bring the best out of her. To you, it might seem as just as haircut but to her, it means everything since she will feel that she fits in among her peers and give her the much-needed confidence. Be the cool parent and select a haircut that will make your little girl look cute and cool, years later she shall reflect back at the moments and she will be proud of you.

The following are examples of cool little girl haircuts that you can choose from:

1. Pixie Cut

pixie little girl haircuts

Source: Pinterest

This is currently the trendy little girl haircut of this season. Most parents prefer short hair for their little angels and there are many advantages associated with this. It is easy to maintain the hair and most importantly comfortable for your little one. You don’t have to worry about her hair getting into the way as she is playing with her peers or the dog in the backyard. With the Pixie cut, the hair is styled in a way that so that it slightly covers the forehead but the ears are left uncovered. My daughter is 10 years old as stills get this haircut: her reason being that her favorite celebrity has a similar haircut. Bring out the beauty from your little girl with this haircut. It looks perfect for both little girls and teens.

2. Curly Ribbon

Curly Ribbon Little girl haircuts

Among all little girl haircuts, this will suit best your angel if she has naturally curly long hair. Not every little girl is blessed with long hair and if yours happens to be among the few lucky ones, then the Curly Ribbon will be perfect for her. The hair in front is cut into bangs so that it covers her forehead, the hair on the side is left open and to run on her back. Personally, I love this hairstyle. This happens to be my friend’s daughter favorite haircut and I have to agree it makes her look like a princess, showcasing her natural long hair and bringing out the beauty in it. The hair is clipped on the top with a fancy huge clip so that it can easily be styled.

3. Floral Braided

Floral Braided little girl haircuts

Source Image: Pinterest

Who said that braids have to look wacky? The floral Braided haircut is one of the coolest braid little girls haircuts and one you surely have to try on your angel. A braid is made either on the right or the left side whereas the other part of the hair is relaxed. There is a clip to style the hair as desired. Every time my daughter has a haircut with a clip involved I always go for the pink colored one. Maybe, because pink happens to be my favorite color but it looks great on her. The floral braid little girl haircut is super cool and will not only make her look pretty but she shall also look unique. This haircut is perfect for medium length silky hair.

4. Chic Bob little girl haircuts

Chic Bob little girl haircuts

Give your little angel the unique classy look by giving her a Chic Bob haircut. Over 60% of the parents will choose a braided haircut for their little angels. Get something unique for your little one and this haircut is perfect for her. To begin with, the hair doesn’t cover her forehead making it quite comfortable. The hair is cut to the cheek length so it doesn’t cover the neck. I have seen little girls with this hairstyle and I envied how cute they looked. The hair looks silky and the hairstyle is perfect for both soft and textured hair.

5. Pony style

Pony style Little girl haricuts

Source image: Pinterest

The hair is divided into two sections. The front hair bangs are made to fall over the forehead nicely whereas a braid is made to run across and to the rest of the hair tied to a pony tail. This is a very creative haircut and unique at the same time it is cute.

6. Dense Cornrow with pony tail

Dense Cornrow with pony tail little girl haircuts

Source image: Pinterest

This little girl’s haircut fits perfectly on dense hair. If your little one has voluminous dense textured hair then this is the haircut you should try on her. The hair is made into cornrows that are then tied at the back of her head in a ponytail. The hairstyle won’t work on soft hair so making it perfect for little black girls.

7. Wavy little girl haircuts

Wavy little girl haircuts

Source image: Pinterest

Simple yet classy and cute, the Wavy haircut fits girls with naturally long and wavy hair. The hair on the front is combed and left open. It is the curly hair beneath it that brings out the beauty in this hairstyle. The wavy hair is left to run back to her neck and shoulders making it look super cute. You can also enhance the look with a clip either on the left or the right. My little girl had this haircut on her last birthday and it looked really great on her. The only drawback is that it is quite a challenge maintaining the haircut. On the brighter side, you can have the haircut for certain special occasions and trust me you shall like how it looks on her.

8. Little Buns Haircut

Little Buns Haircut

It shall take only 30 minutes for your little girl to have this haircut at the salon. It is simple yet so cute. Two buns are made on both sides of her head and the rest of the hair combed nicely so that it slightly covers her forehead. The hair is kept short and neat.

9. Sleek High Ponytail

Sleek High Ponytail little girl haircuts

Source image: stylecraze.com

Perfect for little angels with silky hair and you don’t have to go the salon for this. You can do it yourself at home. The front bangs are combed sideways on her forehead whereas the rest of the hair is combed backward to a ponytail. The Sleek High Ponytail is easy to make and your little one will feel comfortable in it.


It is my hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and most importantly found it useful. We all want to bring the best look from our little girls and there is nothing can do this better than a cool haircut. There are numerous little girl haircuts but this article has walked you through the 9 most trending haircuts. Choose one that will look good on your daughter. Don’t keep all this knowledge to yourself, share this article with a friend or two and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below. Thank you.

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