Positives And Negatives of Mayonnaise When Pregnant

Is it safe to take mayonnaise during pregnancy? Conceiving and getting pregnant is a miracle despite the fact whether the pregnancy was planned for or it came as an accident. Hey! It’s understandable that at times it's shocking when the pregnancy kit turns positive, on my first pregnancy, I remember it shock me that I had to buy 4 other testing kids just to have it turn negative but it never did.

Before getting pregnant I was the kind of person who would take anything as long as I like the taste or it will make me feel any better. I didn’t mind taking wine and other brands of beer. To set ever everything straight a bottle of wine only lasted for three days. I was also a great fun of mayonnaise, peanut butter, and jam. When I discovered I was pregnant I knew I had to change my lifestyle and so do most other women when they get pregnant. No one wants any harm on their developing miracles in their wombs. One has to be careful on the things she takes so as to prevent any complication on her pregnancy, but, is mayonnaise on the list of the few things that any pregnant woman should avoid? In other words is mayonnaise during pregnancy safe for both your baby and yourself?

How safe is mayonnaise?

How safe is mayonnaise

There are two kinds of mayonnaise that prepared using raw eggs and that prepared by pasteurized eggs. Under all circumstances, you should avoid consuming any mayonnaise that is made from raw eggs since it may be contaminated with bacteria that can bring about complications in the development of your baby.

However, on the other hand, mayonnaise made from pasteurized eggs is deemed safe. The heated and treated eggs reduce any chance of the mayonnaise being contaminated with any bacteria and as a result ensuring that you don’t put your pregnancy at risk in any way.

Health benefits of mayonnaise during pregnancy

Mayonnaise has health benefits to you and the growing baby and here is a list of the essential health benefits:

1. Calories

Every pregnant woman needs to take in some calories which are essential in providing them with energy to carry their day to day activities. Hey! Just because you are pregnant it doesn’t mean you spend the whole day on the couch watching your favorite cartoons. You can engage yourself in some activities that will keep you entertained and refreshed especially on the first and second trimester of your pregnancy. Mayonnaise is packed with a lot of calories, a full tablespoon may contain up to 70 calories.

2. Vitamin E

Research has it that every pregnant woman needs to increase her intake of vitamin E. Mayonnaise is rich in vitamin E and consuming it during pregnancy is an added advantage given that: vitamin E helps in regulating and maintaining the blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of any respiratory issues in the future and most importantly prevent any chance of a miscarriage.

3. Vitamin K

To set the record straight there is approximately 240mg of vitamin K in a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Vitamin K is famously essential since it helps in blood clotting and given that you are bound to lose some blood while giving birth, vitamin E prevents excessive blood loss as if that not enough it also helps in the development of your baby.

What makes mayonnaise during pregnancy harmful?

Given the fact that one is always asked to be extra cautious when taking mayonnaise there must some harmful effects associated with it. The following are the harmful effects of mayonnaise:

1. Artificial preservatives

The chemicals used in the preservation of mayonnaise can be harmful to you or your baby. These additives and chemicals may cause nausea and sometimes some pregnant women get allergic to some of these chemicals which can be fatal to your pregnancy

2. Bacteria

Mayonnaise made from pasteurized eggs is safe and recommended by most pediatricians. However, mayonnaise made from raw eggs can contain a bacteria known as salmonella which can lead to dehydration, meningitis to your developing baby since the bacteria can get into the bloodstream.

3. Fats and sugars

Mayonnaise is rich in fats and sugar which in controlled amounts is essential for a healthy pregnancy. However, if you consume excess mayonnaise this will increase the chances of you having diabetes and the high fat can damage the immune system of your developing baby.

Safety measures of mayonnaise during pregnancy

You need to be extra careful with mayonnaise. Always check the expiry date and most importantly the ingredients. If it’s made from raw eggs you should avoid it at all cost. Also, avoid using mayonnaise found in public restaurants and marketplaces since you can’t be sure of the ingredients used to make it. Lastly, always use a clean knife while smearing the mayonnaise on the bread to prevent bacterial contamination.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and most importantly found it helpful. A lot of women including myself on my first pregnancy find themselves in a dilemma of whether to take mayonnaise or not. This article has shed light to you on this subject and please don’t keep all this knowledge to yourself. Share the article with a friend or two and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below. Thank you.

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