Memorable Moments – 5 Ways to Make Storytime Enjoyable for Both Parents & Kids

Storytime and bedtime are almost synonymous. In fact, research says that children who hear bedtime stories every night are at an advantage when it comes to developing their intelligence. A story is also a wonderful way for young minds to end their day and ease into a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Here are five ways to make storytime enjoyable for both parents and kids. 

1. Add a Bedtime Scent to Your Routine

Have you ever listened to a song that took you back to your first kiss? Or perhaps a scent that reminds you of your best friend from high school? It turns out that like music, aromas can help to set the scene for special moments. 

Use the best aromatherapy diffuser to create a signature bedtime scent that soothes, calms, and creates the perfect environment for good dreams. Scents that are proven to be calming include lavender, vanilla, and magnolia. Our sense of smell helps us build memories, and those happy times will come flooding back to your kids for the rest of their lives when they smell that same scent. 

2. Create a Soothing Evening Routine

An evening routine can help children fall asleep faster and make for a quieter, happier bedtime. Following the same order of events creates a rhythm. Following the same rhythm every single day provides consistency and predictability, and over time, this gives children a sense of security. 

A bedtime routine might look like a bath, some talking time, and a bedtime story. This kind of rhythm is as beneficial for parents as it is for the children because it gives you an excuse to slow down and enjoy special bonding time with the children. You might include a great evening bedtime song, a calming scent, or a special bedtime snack to make it extra special. 

3. Read a Story Everyone Will Enjoy

There are so many great stories for kids that adults can enjoy too. Join your local library and try different stories. Remember to also include some of the books you loved from your own childhood. Series are great too as you don’t have to make any new decisions for a while. There are classics like The Famous Five and The Secret Seven (Enid Blyton), or for younger children, there’s The FarAway Tree

Choose books that enthrall you and keep you wanting to turn the pages and extend bedtime because the story is so great. Or, turn storytime into an imaginative game by taking turns to tell a story, with each person having an opportunity to say what happens next. Most likely, your story will take some very silly and funny twists and turns. 

4. Add Cocoa

For younger kiddos, liquids before bedtime aren’t always advisable, especially if the potty-training journey is underway. For older kids, a warm drink at bedtime is something to look forward to and a treat to enjoy while the story is in progress. It’s not about the flavors so much as the ritual of having a bedtime drink. It could be warm milk, soothing chamomile tea, or another herbal favorite. Just remember to avoid cocoa and anything else that has caffeine.  

5. Talk About the Kids’ Day

Bedtime is an opportunity to connect with the children, put phones and distractions away, and have some heartfelt conversations. It might start with talking about the events of the day and then delve into questions about the world, how cars are made, or how high airplanes fly. Just remember, storytime is more enjoyable when there’s real talking involved. 

Jennifer Shackelford

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