The Appropriate Time For Ditching Nighttime Diapers

This happens to be one of the challenging phases in a mother’s life. The issue of ditching night time diapers is at times challenging because it calls for potty training which at times the baby may not be very ready for it.

It is good to assess the level at which a child wets during the night so that as one embarks on the process of potty training, it would essentially become a smooth transition.

At times night time dryness comes up naturally such that one may find that the child no longer needs diapers during the night. This can happen mostly from the age of three years all the way to five years old. For a child to be able to hold the urine overnight, the bladder needs to be mature enough such that as it communicates with the brain nerves on holding of the same, it does not have to be a strenuous exercise.

Research also shows that girls stop wetting at night faster than boys and this should not be a cause to worry in case the boy takes longer. The best thing is first of all to introduce the day training of staying without diapers. Once the child is able to adapt to this, most of the times it comes up naturally they may even spend the night dry.

When the mother realizes that the child is waking up in the morning dry, then she should watch for a week or so to see if this will persist and if he still wakes up dry, then it is time to ditch the diapers and welcome them to the world of sleeping with underpants only

For the best success, this will only come if potty training has also been done. So what is the best way to potty training?

The below are just a few tips on how one can train the child to use a potty.

  1. Evaluate the child’s personality and pick a method that will best fit the child to ensure comfort.
  2. Allow the child to play around with the potty by putting it in a clear area to prove that he is not doing a bad thing to pee in it.
  3. Set an example by allowing the child to watch you use the toilet and train them to emulate what you are doing.
  4. Give them the freedom to choose the underwear of their choice. This will make them feel mature enough and they would not want to soil or wet on their favorite.
  5. Always prompt the child to go to the potty. If they are hesitant, do not force them into it but use sweet words that will prompt them to use voluntarily.
  6. In case they ask for a diaper, just allow them for the moment but ensure that as long as they are over it, they do not use it repeatedly.
  7. Since they are of different sex, could be either a boy or girl, train the boy to pee while standing to embrace the male culture.
  8. While on the potty, put on the tap. By seeing the water flowing through the tap, the hormones will accelerate the peeing and leave the child with comfort for a longer period.
  9. Always clean up the mess should there be any accidents and allow the whole process to be fun.


If these steps are properly followed, the child will eventually get used to using the potty and will adjust to an extent of no longer using the diapers.

Hope this helps.

This guide is written by Sophia Nguyen, from Healthy Baby Happy Earth Blog

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