Our Top Tips For Preparing To Give Birth

There’s a saying that when a woman gives birth, her one foot is on top of a grave. But the love that a mother has for her child will always be greater than the risk she faces during pregnancy and delivery. 

Despite the gamble, pregnancy is a beautiful milestone in a couple’s, especially a woman’s, life. There is a whole new level of elation and fulfillment that comes with being parents. Being able to give life to a precious child, for most is the most significant achievement they can accomplish. But pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing are not a walk in the park and something that a woman or a couple should take very lightly. This new role in life comes with a whole new set of responsibilities. For new parents, gone are the days when you can go partying with friends until the wee hours. Alcohol and wine bottles are suddenly replaced with baby bottles and milk formula. No more impromptu trips to the mall as having a baby can be costly.  Then again, no matter how many things we have to let go, in the hearts of parents, the sacrifices will always be worth it.

During pregnancy, women temporarily bid their favorite sweets adieu as too much sweets mean extra sugar. Extra sugar in the body for pregnant women may lead to unwarranted weight gain, insulin increase, and nutrient deficiency. Also, it may lead to gestational diabetes.  These can hugely affect the health of the baby.

Even at this day and age when technology and science play more prominent roles in our society, there are still common misconceptions about pregnancy and childbirth. In some cultures, pregnant women are not allowed to look at “ugly” or unattractive things. In other countries, they are advised not to take any vaccines or drink medicines because these may stunt the growth or affect the development of the fetus. While these are not scientifically backed up, some women tend to follow them as “precaution” as they believe they will not lose anything if they follow these “myths.”

Honestly, nine months is not and will never be enough to prepare yourself and your partner or spouse for the arrival of your new bundle of joy. Parenthood does not end in childbirth. Instead, it is the start of a long and winding albeit exciting journey.

We have compiled the top tips for preparing to give birth to make your journey to motherhood and parenthood as positive and enjoyable as possible.

1.  Know what you are going through.

We fear what we do not know especially if it involves having another human being come out of our bodies. The more distress that we feel, the more anxious we will become. This will lead to a more difficult time during labor and delivery. So to somehow provide relief to your anxious mind, know what you are going through. Make sure to read books or other reliable reading materials about pregnancy, what changes to expect, what to put in your go bag, etc. However, be wise in choosing your reading materials or references as wrong information or practice may have serious consequences or result to your growing fetus.

2.  Attend classes.

There are lots of classes an expecting mommy or couple can attend to, and slots sure fill up fast. More and more couples join these birthing classes to keep them more informed and help them make smart choices especially about the type of delivery the mother will undergo.  One can never be more prepared when it comes to childbirth so take advantage of these classes as early as your second trimester.

3.  Do some exercises.

A common misconception is that a pregnant woman should do tasks as little as possible or to just stay in bed. However, pregnant women should do exercises to help have easier labor and delivery.  Also doing regular exercises conditions the body to withstand additional stress as the baby grows and when its delivery time.

Walking is a good exercise as it lets gravity to help the baby get into position. It also stimulates a sense of relaxation for the body. Breathing exercises as well are important as they aid in the reduction of stress in uncomfortable moments.

4.  Surround yourself with people who care.

The whole journey from pregnancy to childbirth takes a toll on a woman’s mental state. It is essential at this stage to be surrounded by people who care, support and understand what you are going through.  Fear will always be present, making it necessary for negativity to escape from your mind, and what helps relieve stress and negativity more than a cup of tea or lunch out with your friend.

5.  Accept the changes.

Condition your mind to expect the numerous minor and significant changes that will happen to your body, mind, and lifestyle.  During pregnancy, there will be noticeable discolorations in some parts of your body, and some suffer from exceptionally dry skin. After pregnancy, you will notice a larger amount of hair fall while some notices stretch marks on their thighs and stomach. Stretch marks are major concerns that women who gave birth experience. What causes stretch mark scars is the expansion of the skin around the belly to accommodate the growing blessing inside of you.

Apart from the physical changes you will undergo, there will be major lifestyle changes you and your partner will undertake. Late night outs and dinner with friends will be replaced with Saturday morning play dates with your neighbor and their chummy toddler.  You save up not for the Black Friday Sale anymore but for the future of your child.

Mental preparedness plays a major role in being prepared to give birth.

6.  Prepare your go bag ahead of time.

Have a go bag ready for that moment when it’s time to go so that you will not leave all the important stuff behind. Things you will need in the hospital, during and after delivery, should be ready at least a month before your scheduled delivery. You will also need to prepare the essentials for your newborn like the receiving blanket, onesie, etc.

Also, it’s never to early start stocking up on the essentials your baby will need once he or she says hello to the world.

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