5 Great Reasons To Read Aloud To Your Kids

I would like to say that the love of books is the beginning of wisdom. The earlier a child is exposed to books, the earlier that child will grasp all the benefits that come with the invaluable activity that is reading.
So the question is; why do some people develop interest in books while others have little or no interest at all? I realized long ago that in matters of reading, instincts have very little to do with it. There must be a conscious cultivation of the habit.
The best way to get your children interested in books is to read aloud to them. The earlier you start the better. But believe me when I say it is never too late to start. The benefits that will come from reading aloud to your children are numerous. Below are the top five great reasons why reading aloud to your kids is the best gift you can ever give them.

1. Lifetime Interest

One of my earliest memories of reading was listening to my father read the Bible to us every morning. The stories were just out of this world.
It continued with my father introducing me to his subscribed news magazines which arrived every week. Although initially the magazines were too complicated for me to comprehend, but I began by admiring and studying the pictures. Gradually, I became curious about the stories behind the pictures.
That early exposure to reading cultivated an interest in books that led me to constantly raid my father’s library where I discovered some of the best books I’ve read till date. When I grew up and could afford to purchase things, I started buying my own books.
I am pretty sure that if someone had not piqued my curiosity by reading to me at such an early age, I would not have had such an interest in books. And believe me, I would have been the poorer for it.

2. Improves Language And Communication Skills

Improves Language And Communication Skills

Don’t wait until your child starts speaking before you start reading aloud to them. Children develop at different rates. Research has shown that children exposed to reading early in life start communicating more effectively than those who were not.
According to a study, reading aloud to your children is more effective that talking to them, especially when it comes to building literacy.
Again, reading aloud to children does not just help them to start speaking early; it also helps them to improve the quality of their speech. When you constantly read aloud to your children, you expose them to new words all the time. Children will pick up these words and start using them in their speech.
Children are good at copying adults, so when they listen to you read aloud to them, they assimilate the words and pronunciation. They eventually make these their own as they start to communicate with others.

3. Improves Listening And Attention

Some years ago, one couple came complaining about their daughter’s inability to pay attention. I suggested that they introduce picture and coloring books. I also encouraged them to read aloud to her. The result was instant.
The couple discovered that they were able to hold their daughter’s attention whenever they read aloud and flipped through the colorful pages of the picture books. Their daughter’s attention span increased, and her performance in school improved.
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4. Develops Imagination And Creativity

Imagination And Creativity

One amazing thing about reading is that it forces the brain of the reader and listener to visualize the story internally. Unlike watching a movie or TV show, no two readers or listeners see the same picture.
The reader’s imagination is left to run wild and this in turn improves creativity especially in children who can also recreate their own stories and situations. When you read aloud to children every day, they become more proficient in their ability to create and innovate.

5. Provides Opportunities For Families To Bond

Books are filled adventures, escapades, exploits, voyages and other interesting activities. Reading aloud is a delightful opportunity to share all these excitements with your children. According to a BBC News report, inculcating the love of reading in your children is akin to guaranteeing them a life of success and happiness.
It is increasingly becoming a fast-paced world where parents, especially fathers and their children are becoming strangers even when they live in the same house.
While the parents are occupied with work or other social engagements, the children are busy with their own activities.
Taking a short time out every day to read aloud to your children is a great way to bond with them. The experience will teach them the importance of reading. And they will be more likely to continue the tradition when they have their own children.

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