6 Reasons Why You Should Take Saffron During Pregnancy

Consuming saffron during pregnancy? As a woman, I agree with one thing: being pregnant is a blessing and achievement despite whether the miracle was planned for or it came as a surprise. This explains why every pregnant woman tends to be too cautious during their pregnancy. Hey, but it is understandable, right? No one would want anything to happen to their developing angels just because of something they consumed or an activity they did.

Personally, I liked wine. A bottle of champagne only lasted for 5 days. My friends and husband used to tell me that I was an addict. After realizing that I was pregnant I never consumed any wine, I had the craving but the will and urge to ensure that my growing baby develops with no complications was stronger.

So that leads us to our big question: is consumption of saffron during pregnancy safe? During pregnancy, you come across many people who will advise you on contradictory things. One will tell you that saffron during pregnancy is safe and actually has a lot of scientifically proven benefits, then the next minute you meet another person who advises you that saffron during pregnancy is a No! No! It is confusing, right?

To begin with, saffron during pregnancy is safe and has been found to have positive effects on the majority of the women who take it during their pregnancy.

What is saffron and at when is it safe to take saffron during pregnancy?

Saffron is the most expensive herb in the world that is highly valuable due to its medicinal purposes. Saffron is basically the dried stigma of crocus sativa flower and no one can argue about the health benefits of this flower.

Saffron has been found to stimulate mild uterine contractions when taken during pregnancy, so, though you can start consuming it at any point of your pregnancy it is advisable for you to start using it when on the second trimester of your pregnancy.

Myths surrounding taking saffron during pregnancy

There was a time I visited a certain country where the majority of the people are obsessed with skin fairness. Adults use bleaching agents just to get that magical fairness sensation while pregnant women would go as far as taking an overdose of saffron during their pregnancy. Reason being!?

Considering the fact that saffron is a traditional herb there are a lot of ancient myths and misconceptions surrounding taking saffron during pregnancy: the major one being that consuming saffron will make your baby have a fair skin complexion. This myth has been perceived by many as true to an extent that a mother would say that her baby complexion isn’t fair since she didn’t take saffron during her pregnancy.

The shed the light on this area: saffron has no influence on your baby’s complexion. That surely depends on the genes of the parents. In fact, nothing that you consume has an effect on the skin complexion of your soon to be born baby.

Given the fact that saffron is in great demand all over the globe, it is, therefore, important to be extra careful on what you buy. Consider buying saffron in branded packets that have been approved by the government and most importantly ensure you check the expiry dates.

Why should you take saffron during pregnancy?

As stated earlier, saffron has numerous benefits. The following is a list of these benefits. #6 might take you by surprise.

1. Helps in digestion

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When I was pregnant I used to have a bloating stomach, constipation and stomach gas. This was very annoying since at this time all I ever craved for was having peace and ample cool time to feel my baby grow. A bloating stomach is so annoying, sometimes to an extent one may think that it has a mind of its own since the majority of the times the funny noise in your stomach waits until when there is someone around. It's pure disgust and shame!

Saffron on the other hand aids in digestion and helps reduce constipation, stomach gas and stop your stomach from bloating. How? Saffron promotes the flow of blood to the digestive system, as a result, increasing the rate of metabolism which in turn aids in efficient digestion.

Milk being a recommended ingredient to pregnant women due to its protein and calcium value, aids in the development of your baby. However, the body takes long to digest these components and this is where saffron comes in to help.

2. Reduces morning sickness

Moody and nausea

Morning sickness is every pregnant woman’s worst nightmare. There is no pride in waking up in the morning and instead of a sweet good morning kiss to your spouse, you have to rush to the bathroom to throw up. What’s even worse is that this doesn’t only happen in the morning but at any time of the day. So if you work at an agency company you might have to excuse yourself every one or two hours to go and throw up. Gross, right?

Saffron has an ingredient that fights nausea and dizziness which in turn prevents you from vomiting. During my first pregnancy, I wasn’t aware that there was anything I would use to help me curb morning sickness I had to endure it. But, on my second pregnancy, a friend of mine recommended me to give saffron a trial and it worked.

3. Promotes sleep

Sleep is essential to every pregnant woman. But, with stretching bones, hormonal changes and an ever increasing bump, sometimes sleep is a long way from coming and we have to toss and roll over the bed trying to find the perfect angle. But we have to agree it is understandable after all having a baby grow in your belly isn’t an easy task.Saffron acts as a mild sedative that induces sleep. If you are finding problems catching some sleep then its time you give saffron a trial.

4. Reduces moods swings

Moods in pregnant women are anything but predictable. There were times I would lay on my couch watching my favorite cartoons laughing and smiling at all the jokes and funny scenes, then the next minute I find it boring. Hormonal surges in a pregnant woman are the explanation to this mood changes. Consuming saffron during pregnancy helps you reduce this mood swings since saffron acts as an anti-depressant increasing the flow of blood to the brain that ensures that you feel more energetic and in high spirits.

5. Reduces blood pressure.

Due to stress, some pregnant women end up suffering from blood pressure. Consuming saffron during pregnancy ensures that you are protected from this since saffron helps in muscles relaxation.

6. Increases baby movement

As a mother, there is no feeling that beats feeling your baby kick and moves in your belly. Taking saffron during pregnancy increases this kicks and movements. This is due to the fact that saffron raises the body heat that acts as an excitement to the baby and hence the increased kicks.

What happens if you take excess saffron?

Doctors prescribe 10gms per day and consumption of an overdose has some side effects. These side effects are:

i. Miscarriage

ii. Jaundice

iii. Numbness

iv. Blood in urine

If you get any of these symptoms it is advisable that you visit your doctor. On the case of miscarriage, if you get any premature labor on taking saffron during your pregnancy seeks professional medical help.


It is my hope that you found this tutorial fun to read and most importantly helpful. There have been a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the consumption of saffron during pregnancy and it is my sincere hope that this article has shed the light to you on all these aspects.

Personally, on my first pregnancy, I wasn’t aware of all the benefits of consuming saffron. Please share this article with a friend or two to enable them to have the same knowledge you got. Thank you and please don’t forget to leave a comment on the comment box below.

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