The Best Shoe Styles to Wear During Pregnancy

You know you need to invest in new clothes to accommodate your growing bump during pregnancy, but are you also aware that you may need a new pair of shoes as well?  Pregnancy can be hard on our poor feet, and once you hit the second trimester, your gorgeous high heels are unlikely to be suitable for the job.  To help you stay both comfortable – and safe! – during pregnancy, you need the right shoes.  Luckily, functional shoes don’t have to be ugly!  We have listed some of the best styles to try in 2019.

Athletic Shoes – Balenciaga Sneakers

One of the most popular ranges are these sneakers from Balenciaga which are super fashionable and will keep your feet comfortable no matter how many hours you need to spend on them during the day.  The low top mesh of the sneakers will allow your feet to breathe, while the foam rubber sole provides a high level of comfort.  There are a variety of sneaker designs available from Balenciaga, so you should easily be able to find a pair that meets both your tastes and your current outfits.  And, while they may be more expensive than what you’re used to paying, you can’t put a price on happy feet!

Water Sandals – Crocs

Crocs may have gained a bit of a reputation for being ugly, but they’ve recently expanded their line so you can now take advantage of some of their newer, more fashionable styles while treating your feet to something comfortable.  Their strappy sandals are ideal for wearing at the beach and in town.  They’re guaranteed to keep your feet happy and able to breathe.  In addition, the rubber sole will keep you safe from slips and the open design will accommodate your feet if they start to swell.  With adequate arch support also included, we wouldn’t blame you if you continued to wear these after the baby is born!

Ballet Flats – Aerosole Women’s

Ballet flats are ideal for wear both in the office and during the evening, and this pair from Aerosole Women’s is ideal during pregnancy.  Containing a comfortable, memory foam sole, and a wide, low heel that works as an excellent shock absorber, your feet won’t be screaming out in pain an hour after you leave the house.  Made from synthetic materials and textiles, they may not be as flashy as the shoes you’re accustomed to wearing, but Aerosole does have a number of designs in their catalog, many of which are super cute.

Winter Boots – SFNLD Fleece Lined Ankle Boots

If you’re pregnant during the winter months, the styles above probably won’t be the best options.  Instead, you’ll want a comfortable pair of ankle boots that will keep your feet warm and protected.  The SFNLD fleece lined ankle boots are ideal.  They contain a front zipper – which is much easier to manage than a pair of traditional laces – and the non-slip soles will keep you safe, even on icy sidewalks.  With a loose fit, they provide plenty of room for swollen feet too.

What to consider when choosing shoes for pregnant women


The pregnant women will gain weight gradually as the fetus grows, which means the body’s centre of gravity will change. Therefore, you should choose a larger pair than your usual feet.

The height of shoes

The ideal height for pregnant shoes is between 15 and 30 mm. Although high heels often have fashionable designs, it’s better not to wear high shoes during pregnancy. They will directly affect the spine and knees of pregnant women. Also, the shoes should come with a moderate slope. The shoe sole should have corrugated lines or good grip to create friction with the road surface, avoiding the risk of falling.

The shoe style and material

As your tummy becomes bigger, all the movements are less flexible, especially when bending. That said, avoid the shoes with laces. Therefore, slip-on shoes, sandals or flip flops are your top priority.

When it comes to the material of shoes, the ones with good elasticity, comfortable sole and arch support are excellent options.

Pregnancy can be hard for some women, but there’s no reason you can’t keep your feet happy!

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