Significant Tarot Cards For Pregnancy And Fertility

Many tarot readers come across questions about pregnancy. Even though they try to avoid reading for such questions, they cannot simply avoid them. Pregnancy belongs to the medical category of questions but tarot readers have always had to answer questions about the same. Hence, if you want to ask the reader whether you are pregnant or not, the tarot reader might not be able to answer the same. But there are different ways you can ask the same question. You can ask the reader where you will get pregnant during the year or whether this period is favorable for you to have a child or not.

Cards to watch out for

Tarot reading is about using psychics to discover past lives and if you have regular been visiting a reader, you will know that there are many answers you can get through a reading. There are certain cards which can help answer questions about your pregnancy and there are card combinations which will be very valuable in case of an open reading. An open reading is when there is no question and you are simply focusing on the answers. Open questions can help you focus on the answers like important happenings in the coming three months. If you are looking for significant cards that refer to pregnancy, make note of the cards mentioned below:

  • The star,
  • The empress,
  • Page of cups,
  • Ace of cups,
  • Page of pentacles,
  • Ace of wands,
  • Queen of pentacles,
  • Ace of pentacles.

Combination of the cards

You need to keep in mind that all of these are fertility cards. The pages refer to children and The Moon will also play a significant role here. It is a period of conception and it does not differentiate between unplanned conception and planned conception. Hence, a combination of any of the two cards will mean fertility. When it comes to The Moon, it is tricky. The Moon with The star or ace of pentacles, The Empress and the ace of cups will indicate that there could be problems in the pregnancy or your pregnancy could remain unnoticed for some time. When The Moon is in combination with the Empress or with one of the Pages and Ace of Pentacles, it could suggest that problems will occur during the process of giving birth to the child. The Queen of pentacles is a “mom card” but it also means that the woman is a mother and this is not the first pregnancy. Queen of swords can indicate a single mom while Queen of Wands is for a woman who does not see herself in the role of a mother but she can handle it well.

If you want your pregnancy related questions answered, you might want to see more of the cards mentioned above. Every card has a different meaning and a combination of two or more cards could mean a higher possibility of pregnancy but nothing can be hundred percent sure unless you speak to a medical professional.

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