9 Reasons Why Sports are Good for Your Child

Kids nowadays are spending too much time indoors - busy with their smartphones, social media and games. Many parents are concerned that they have problems making friends - in real life. Living a sedentary life they open themselves to various health issues.

If you’re facing the problems mentioned above, then it’s time to get them involved in sports. Sports, in general, can bring a wonderful change to your child’s physical, mental, and social skills.

We all know social, mental, and physical skills are important aspects, especially when one reaches adulthood. So, we’ve come up with 9 reasons that will prove sports can help with just that.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

1. Getting Them Interested

Sports and physical well-being go hand in hand, that’s no secret. Since we’re going to be talking about sports, it’s best to start with the physical aspects first.

Improvements such as boosting stamina, a healthy lifestyle, and great hand to eye coordination are few common benefits of sports. You may think the sports activities in their PE class is enough, but trust me, that’s not the case.

If you really want your child to be interested in sports and get out more it has to come from an influence other than the basic PE class. This is where you step in.

Children mimic their parent’s hobbies or interests, and it’s best to get them into sports as early as possible. Buy them toys which encourages them to go outside and play. You can join in too!

You can also take them to see a football match or hype them up about an upcoming tournament and spend a little bonding time over it all at the same time!

2. Lifelong Benefits

It’s important your child gets into sports at an early age. If you encourage them to be interested in sports when they’re in their teens, it’ll be less beneficial than starting at in their pre-school days.

Take me for an example. I started getting into sports when I was in my teens and it never really piqued my interest. I only watch sports now.

From being physically fit to being aware of your own eating habits, the benefits are truly marvelous. Every parent wants their kids to eat and be healthy, this is a great platform to encourage that.

An active lifestyle will bring on an active mind. Kids will be more energetic and have an outlet to reduce stress and let off some steam. Not to mention the mental health benefits that will come with it.

3. Social Skills

I cannot stress how important it is to develop social skills at an early age. Many children become introverts and feel that they’re not confident enough to face the world. Sports help deal with these with such issues.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to be an introvert, I’m one myself, but I do wish I was more confident and outspoken. Other than making your child be confident, there are other skills that can be gained from getting involved in sports.

For example, playing in teams will teach your child about teamwork. They’ll learn to communicate, solve problems, learn leadership, and develop analytical abilities.

4. Confidence And Self-Esteem

As I already mentioned, sports encourages kids to be more confident and it helps to raise their self-esteem. We all know how important these two factors are.

Children look up to their parents and also choose as their primary role models. It falls us to It’s your responsibility to use this chance to push them in the right direction.

They need the proper encouragement and motivation to raise their self-esteem. Whether it’s from parents or coaches from their respective teams, a constant channel of support needs to be maintained.

Aside from getting encouragement from parents and coaches, kids enjoy getting complimented by their peers. It motivates them to do better.

Winning a game or scoring an amazing goal and receiving praise for it can be a huge boost.

In addition, being respectful and learning to take criticism in a positive way are two very important things sports will teach your child.

5. Career Choice

Many children dream of becoming great athletes. Who wouldn’t when there are amazing athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova and countless more are inspiration to kids and adults alike. They constantly motivate the whole world to be the best versions of themselves.

There are many parents who instill this need to be a sports star from a very early age. Like your child HAS to be good at football, or tennis. That will only make your child think it’s something mandatory, like a chore.

If your child shows any form of interest in having a career in sports, it's your job to make them look at it in a positive way. Encourage them, coach them, and tell them to take inspiration from their favorite athletes.

It will fuel their ambition and help them to keep working on themselves, and that’s a fantastic trait to have at an early age.

6. The Competition

There’s no hiding the big elephant in the room - being involved in sports requires you to be competitive.
Playing sports as a hobby is an amazing way to make new friends and to blow off some steam, however, there are some sports that require you to be competitive.

Being competitive is also very important, but it’s vital to know when and how far you should take that competitiveness.

It’s perfectly fine to have a rival. This will push your child to be better, be more dedicated, and more committed at what they’re doing. Being competitive will make your kids be more ambitious in life.

That sounds like a win-win for me.

7. Hard Work And Dedication

Another reason why kids should play sports is that it will teach that hard work and dedications actually does pay off.

Use sports as a medium to instill a down to earth attitude in them that will help them on their journey to become an adult. It’ll make them be aware that there’s no shortcut to being successful, and that nothing comes for free.

Whatever path they pursue in the future, this knowledge and experience alone will help shape them to be the best version of themselves. You have sports to thank for that!

So, get them inspired and join in with them from time to time to keep the morale up and to let them know that you’re there for them.

8. Making Friends

This is another vital reason why sports is important - making friends. Not only are your children going outside, playing, and getting in touch with nature, they’re also making friends.

This is amazing because your kids are meeting new people, getting to know them, and playing with them. Making teams or playing against them, competing against each other.

All of the above will give your kids a healthy social life and friends who are going to be by their side for years to come. Children like to be involved in things and this is a perfect way.

Even kids who are shy will come out of their shell. What could be greater than watching children overcoming their differences and learning to play together?

9. Sports As Higher Studies

It may seem like sports can be a distraction for your child, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Sports help us to think more clearly, concentrate fully, be creative, and does wonders for our mood and memory.

There are a number of studies done that show being involved in sports also affects their grades. It makes them do better in school and even gets them to apply for higher education.

Many schools offer students a scholarship. It’s a chance to those who are active and good in sports, the opportunity to pursue their education and a career in sports more professionally.

There are opportunities knocking at the door, don’t let them slip away!

In Conclusion

Once you think about it, there are a lot of opportunities for your child if they get involved in sports. A bright future, having the ability to take on whatever life throws at them, and the courage to dream.

These mental, health and social skills will shape your child’s future and help them be amazing adults. If you’re still underestimating the power of influencing your children to play sports, I hope these reasons alone itself will help you change your mind.

Even if it doesn’t go anywhere, there’s no harm done. Either way, it’s a great way to let them understand and find out what they’re capable of.

Author Bio:

Stepheny is a content writer at FeedFond. She’s a loving mother to her two children and is passionate about psychology and philosophy. To read more of her articles, visit FeedFond.com.

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