5 Tips to Stroller Shopping For Your Toddler

A stroller is an essential gadget for new parents with newborn babies and even toddlers. It eases the process of taking your child along as you carry on with daily activities that require walking or jogging. Buying the right stroller is time-consuming and an expensive venture, but this task is very important, because it is directly related to the safety and comfort of your children.  However, we know exactly the way to make your shopping become much easier, and we will show these tips in this post.

It’s important to put some thought into the purchasing process since it’s an item that you’ll use for a long time. Ultimately, the ride should be comfortable for your toddler and stress-free for you. There are different types of strollers on the market, which serve different needs depending on your requirements. Unless you have done your research, a stroller isn't a walk-in and pick kind of item.

Urban living with less driving-around and more of walking require a different stroller from the suburban setting. Overall, strollers should be strong enough to take on your child’s weight and the terrain yet easy for you to operate.

Read on for information on what to look for in the new stroller that will work best for you and your child.

5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Toddler’ Stroller

1.    Safety

Always look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) mark to assure you of met safety standards. A good stroller should hold your toddler’s weight without collapsing. Check the finishing for any hidden sharp edges, protruding springs or open spaces that can trap small fingers and toes. A restraining 5-point harness will keep the toddler in place and prevent unnecessary movement during the trip that could cause them harm.

2.    Ease of Use

A stroller's ease of use covers an expansive list that points back to ease of washing after a mess, effortlessness of carrying around especially when using a flight of stairs or folding in the car and lastly easiness of maneuverability and use of a braking system. An easy to use a stroller is one that you can use on a daily basis without worrying about its functionality.

3.    Storage

Unless you’re taking on a quiet stroll, you’re likely to need a roomy basket underneath the stroller. The basket will hold your grocery shopping, diapers and anything that you might need on the trip. Most European stroller brands do not have this feature, but, instead, there's a special bag you can buy separately to hang at the back of the stroller.

4.    Versatility

If you have or plan to have other younger children, you'll need a stroller that can accommodate them as well. Get a stroller that can take up other accessories such as bassinets and extra seats. They will be a space saver for you as you ride all your family under one roof.

5.    Additional Features

A stroller is a safe method of traveling with your toddler when out and about, but it doesn't hurt to have other features to make the journey even more comfortable. A stroller with a snack tray for your toddler and a bottle holder for you is a plus as you'll all get your nourishment as you stroll around. Further, ensure the canopy can extend to protect the toddler from weather elements such as UV rays, rain or snow.  

To sum up, you should make a small checklist, including all of the 5 things above, then bring it together when go shopping. This checklist will be a reminder, which help you remember to check all 5 important things above when buying a stroller for your children. You just have to check all of them, one by one and I’m sure that you can easily find out a suitable stroller, which is qualified all of these criteria.

Last but not least, please remember that the critical level of these criteria are not equal. In my opinion, “safety” is the most important thing and we should consider carefully. A stroller must pass this criterion fisrt, before we consider the other ones.

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