How To Use Tanning Lotion During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most amazing feeling to every mother. It definitely brings many conflicting moments with full of emotions. During this period women are naturally overjoyed of nurturing a new life inside them and prospect of being a mother. Pregnancy can bring on some not-so-charming or unexpected changes in the human body which is very natural. It is also very natural that women would want to take extra care or attention about their looks during pregnancy. The sun-kissed skin is undoubtedly more attractive than anything. It will do wonder the way you dress-up and look which will increase your confidence level much. To have the super bronze look, women can follow many ways.

Tanning lotions can be the best way to have super attractive skin during pregnancy. This content will give you essential information about using tanning lotion during pregnancy.   

Negative effects of other tanning purposes:

There are many options which you can take for tanning your skin like tanning spray, tanning bed, and others. These ways might give best results, but this can also give negative effects on your upcoming baby. Here are the reasons that why we should avoid other tanning purposes.

Soaking up the sun:
Soaking up the sun can be dangerous to your baby because it can easily raise the temperature of your body very fast. It creates a huge bad effect on the spine development of the baby. So pregnant mothers should avoid this, especially during the first three months. The UV rays which can break down the folic rays can affect the brain development and the spinal cord of your baby. Folic acid plays the most important role in the spinal cord development of the baby. The unnatural heat of the sun can also affect your skin. Though during pregnancy your skin becomes more sensitive because of some hormonal changes. The heat of the sun can cause chloasma, heat rashes, and hives. Overheat can also dehydrate your skin which can pre-term contract the body of a pregnant woman. So, lying into the sun is not a good idea during pregnancy.

Using tan spray:

Tan sprays contains aerosol fumes which can harm the baby badly. Eventually, it creates damages on the development of the baby body.

Tanning beds:

Tanning beds can provide the same harmful effects as like sunbathing. It can overheat your body from UV rays. So it must be highly avoided during pregnancy.

Usefulness of using tanning lotions: 

Tanning Lotion During Pregnancy

Here is good news for pregnant women at last. Using tanning lotions is entirely and fully harmless during pregnancy. Though the lotions are used externally, and they are too mild to affect the deep of the skin. They are fully non-toxic. These lotions only react on the outermost layer of the skin and work mildly to give the cells healthy look. It can help you to avoid the harmful UV rays, and it will not overheat the skin too. It does not permeate into the skin of the pregnant woman, so there is no chance to affect the baby.

You have to make sure about the quality of the tanning lotion before using it. Avoid the tanning lotions which are offering fast results because it might be harmful. Choose the high-quality one to get sun-kissed skin during pregnancy.

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