How To Tighten Up Down There After Pregnancy?

Giving birth is one of the most painful yet rewarding things a woman can do in her entire life. The process of natural child birth, although worthwhile, can still wreak havoc on your vagina’s tightness. And while your vagina will eventually snap back like a rubber band, it’s important to help it along by doing the right exercises.

How Giving Birth Makes Your Vagina Loose?

When you have a baby, the child passes from the womb through the cervix and comes out the birth canal (a.k.a. your vagina). To accommodate the size of the baby’s head, your vagina stretches to several centimeters which, surprisingly, is often many times larger than its original size. While nature has designed the vagina to contract over time, some women don’t get so lucky. In fact, the longer you are in labor the higher your chances of having a loose vagina after giving birth.

Signs of a Loose Vagina

Although you may not realize it from your perspective, a loose vagina can have serious and often embarrassing consequences. Some of the most common symptoms of a loose post-partum vagina are as follows:

  • Difficulty holding urine
  • Urine leakage (especially when you sneeze, cough, jump, or laugh)
  • Little or no resistance in the vagina walls during the natural insertion of a penis, tampon, or fingers
  • The need for inserting larger objects to feel arousal or sexual stimulation

Unfortunately, men don’t often appreciate all a woman must go through to bring a new life into the world. Ladies with a loose vagina are usually less likely to enjoy sexual satisfaction, plus their partners may lose interest since their vaginas no longer offer the same level of pleasure as they did before giving birth. Fortunately, there are some things you can do about it.

How to Tighten Up Down There after Pregnancy?

There are many natural cures used to tighten the vagina after having a baby. While each woman is different, the most effective tightening plan includes kegel exercises. So, what are kegel exercises and why are they so effective?

Put simply, kegel exercises are workouts for your insides. This workout offers a healthy healing alternative to medicines, surgery, or topical ointments. Kegels are used to strengthen the weak and damaged pelvic floor that gets strained during natural child birth. There are several reasons why doing kegels is important, and they don’t all have to do with sexual gratification.

1. Kegels increase blood flow.

Increased blood flow to the vagina and cervix can increase healing time by a measurable margin. Quickly healed muscles can prevent long-term damage and other health issues that might get in the way of a normal life.

2. Kegels help with bladder control.

Whether you had your baby naturally of through a C-section, chances are you still have trouble controlling your bladder because of the weight of your baby during pregnancy. Often referred to as “stress incontinence,” decreased bladder control can be quite embarrassing and inconvenient. Kegels help to boost the strength of your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, which in turn helps to keep bladder leakage at bay.

3. Kegels helps tighten loose ligaments.

Loosened ligaments and weight gain are concerns for all new mothers, but kegels can help make those things more manageable. The average pregnant woman gains 15-30 pounds of weight, adding extreme pressure to the ligaments in her body. Kegels can help protect you from vaginal atrophy and prolapse which, in the worst-case scenario, can be life-threatening.

Overall, kegel exercises not only help to support the post-partum body but they can increase your health as well. To use kegels to your advantage, use the following guidelines:

  • Contract your vaginal muscles for at least 5-10 seconds.
  • Hold for 1-3 seconds.
  • Release and repeat.
  • Do this about 10-15 times per set.
  • Complete a set between 5-10 times per day until the ideal results are achieved.

You may also try doing a few kegels while you urinate, as this will help you target the right muscles. Simply hold your urine in for 3-5 seconds while on the toilet and then release. NOTE: It is not recommended that you hold your urine while off the toilet because it can cause your bladder to weaken substantially. In addition to doing kegels, eat a healthy diet to support the healing of your pelvic wall.

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