Useful Tips to Treat Flea Bites on Your Babies

Fleas are not welcome guests in your house at all for the fact that they are parasites that feed on your pet blood and interfere with your well-being. Flea treatments for your family could be found in the internet and you should be calm as there are ways to address flea infestation. However, if you have ever been bitten by fleas, you will know how irritating it is. Now your babies are suffering from that flea bite, it should be such a discomfort. They would feel like scratching as it is crazily itchy.  In case your babies’ skin is sensitive or allergic to the bites, skin infection or inflammation may occur. Treating flea bites properly is essential to relieve your babies of irritation.

Identify flea bites

Flea bites are easily mistaken with mosquito or bug bites as they are all red spots and cause victims to feel itchy. Flea bites are commonly present in ankles, feet or legs and appear in groups or straight lines. If you own a pet and your kids get some red bumps, it is likely that they have got flea bites and you need to do something about it. The treatment for the flea bites centers on calming down itchiness and the urge to scratch it. Also, it is important to prevent any infection and help the bites heal quickly. There will be some remedies for flea bites that you can use for your babies.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice

The sour liquid squeezed out of a lemon is effective in normalizing pH level of the bitten skin, which consequently reduce the itchiness. As soon as you notice flea bites on your kid body, apply some lemon juice on the red spots to help them relieve irritation. However, watch out if they have scratched the bites or not because apply lemon juice on an open wound would be terribly hurt. Apple cider vinegar could be an alternative to lemon, but the vinegar should be diluted with water before applying in the bites.


Better known as a kind of whole food, oatmeal can become an instant remedy to flea bites if you or your babies are in trouble. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in oatmeal help to prevent further skin infection while releasing the redness and itchiness of the bites. You may need to grind some oatmeal to create a fine powder. Mix it with some yogurt to have a paste applied to the bites for 20 to 30 minutes. The process should be repeated 2 to 3 times per day until no discomfort of the red bumps are felt.



If you are a fan of honey, you should know that this sweet liquid is of multiple medical uses.  The antibacterial properties in honey make it ideal for curing any infection symptoms. Simply apply honey directly on the bites and your babies will feel much better thanks to its soothing effects.

Aloe vera

This natural beautifier is often used to moisturize skin or heal any skin conditions. The gel of aloe vera can be taken out of the plant and apply on skin areas that you want to treat. Regarding flea bites, aloe vera is a natural remedy that you can opt for. Anti-inflammatory properties in alove vera gel will soothe the inflamed skin and dispel the itchiness. Your babies will be relieved from the irritation caused be fleas as soon as aloe vera is applied on the bites.

There could be other choices in treating flea bites on your babies that you can look for namely baking soda, witch hazel or essential oil. They are all safe and effective in relieving itchiness and rashes. However, it is best when your babies are not bitten at all and you have to prevent the root cause by caring for your pets, your house more properly simply by cleaning up, vacuuming and watching out for any sign of flea infestation.

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