Can You Use Vicks While Pregnant?

It is so unfortunate that pregnant women are more prone to catching a cold compared to other women. I mean, why should carrying angels have such a huge price? Well, the good thing is with proper medical attentions over 85% of the pregnancies are a success and they delivered healthy babies. Going back to catching a cold and given that taking medication during pregnancy is not always advisable. Can you use Vicks while pregnant?

Vicks is available in various forms but all serve the same purposes and that is relieving a blocked nose, sore throat or a cough. The most commonly used Vicks product is the Vicks vaporub. Before looking at if you can use Vicks while pregnant let’s begin by understanding how it works.

How does Vicks work?

To begin with, depending on the product Vicks may contain the following 5 ingredients: camphor, levomenthol, eucalyptus oil, turpentine, and ephedrine. While pregnant you should avoid using any Vicks product that has ephedrine unless advised otherwise by your practitioner.

Vicks has been used for over 3 decades and it is reputable due to its soothing sensation and the efficiency to in curing a cold. Vicks vapor can be rubbed on the chest region or be added to hot water. However, most people prefer to rub it on their chest other than adding it to hot water and inhale it as steam. Either way, it always works.

Safe Vicks product to use while pregnant

Statistically, very few pregnant women have been reported having developed any kind of complication after using Vicks. It is safe to use but given that your developing angel’s health is at stake, it is never a waste of time evaluating the various Vicks product that is 100% safe to use while pregnant and the ones that you need not use unless advised to do so by your doctor. The following are examples of safe Vicks product that you can use while pregnant:

1. Vicks vaporub

Vicks vaporub

It is good news: the widely used Vicks product is totally safe to use while pregnant. Personally, I wasn’t aware that Vicks had other products to my blocked nose. Since when I was a kid I have been using the Vicks vaporub. It is quite easy to use and efficient I can testify on that. On my first pregnancy, there was a time I had the flu, my nose was blocked and I could barely breathe. I wasn’t into the idea of taking any medication, hello, but you can’t blame me. I had read and heard a lot of stories about various pregnant women who put their pregnancy at risk by taking medication. I tried out Vicks vaporub and it worked. Whether you have a blocked nose, sore throat or a cough Vicks vaporub should be the solution you seek: it is totally safe to use while pregnant.

2. Vicks inhaler

It looks like a lip balm and helps in clearing stuffiness. To many people this product is unknown but if you opt to use it over the Vicks vaporub to help relieve your blocked nose, sit back and have no worries since it is safe to use while pregnant.

3. Vicks nasal spray

Yet still another Vicks product that is not known by many. Well, the product is used as a preventive measure where you spray it in the air and it will kill all the virus particles that can cause the flu, as a result, prevent you from catching a cold. The good thing about this is that you can use the product while pregnant. Hey, remember prevention is better than cure.

Non-safe Vicks products while pregnant

Most of Vicks products are safe to use while pregnant, however, don’t use the following before consulting your doctor.

1. Vicks Sinex Capsules

These capsules contain phenylephrine hydrochloride which may lower the flow of blood. Well, we all understand that blood flow in pregnant women is something that should not be tampered with. Using Vicks sinex capsules can lead to pregnancy complications and even cause a miscarriage. Under all cost, if you really care about your health and that of your baby of which I know you do, avoid using these capsules.

Precaution measure in using Vicks while pregnant

  • If you are pregnant and breastfeeding at the same time avoid rubbing Vicks on your chest since this might have an effect on your baby as he/she is feeding and possibly affect his breathing.
  • Do not apply Vicks on open wounds or irritated skin
  • This applies to the Vicks vaporub, you should not swallow it.


It is my hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and most importantly found it useful. As pregnant women at times, we can be over protective since we don’t want to bring ourselves any complications to our pregnancy. Personally, I wasn’t sure whether I could use Vicks while pregnant or not and I had to consult my doctor. On the brighter side, you are fully informed on the various Vicks products that are safe to use while pregnant and any precaution you need to take. Don’t keep all the knowledge to yourself, share this article with a friend or two and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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