What does morning sickness feel like?


orning sickness is every pregnant woman’s worst nightmare. So, what does morning sickness feel like? Research has it that different women have different signs and symptoms to morning sickness. Though the feeling revolve around the same effects, though in rare incidences there are those women who get carried away by the effects, sometimes it becomes so complicate and serious that one has to visit the doctor

To begin with, don’t let the world morning take you for a ride. You can experience morning sickness anytime of the day. Personally, during my first pregnancy, I experienced it in the evenings and it caught me by surprise. I was so worried that I had to consult my doctor who assured me it’s just morning sickness.

Facts about: what does morning sickness feel like?

Morning sickness is caused by hormonal imbalances that occur as one’s body is transitioning and adjusting to the new angel developing in your womb. Actually, research has it that nearly 90% of mothers experienced morning sickness at one point during their pregnancy.

Morning sickness is so common that it is regarded as the major first sign of pregnancy. With this a great question arises: does the gender of your unborn child have any influence on your morning sickness? There have been a lot of myths surrounding this fact. Some claiming that if your unborn child is a boy, then you shall experience severe morning sickness compared to if your “angel” is a girl. Other myths contradict this and claim that morning sickness shall be severe if you are carrying a girl.

Just to clear all the doubts, I have had both a boy and a girl. My firstborn being a girl and the second a boy and, I couldn’t tell the difference between the morning sickness I was feeling in my second pregnancy and that from the first pregnancy. To back up this fact is a research done by Oxford Health Foundation, where a group of 20 women who have had both a baby girl and boy were asked if there was any difference in the kind of morning sickness they felt. 85% of the women claimed that there was no difference. The difference actually sets in if you are carrying twins or triplets. Yes! You are likely to experience double morning sickness.

Symptoms: What does morning sickness feel like?

To me, morning sickness felt like a different hangover every single morning. There are times I would feel nausea, headache, irritating strong scents. So, what does morning sickness feel like? What are the signs and symptoms?

1. Nausea

By just mentioning the term morning sickness, the first thing that comes to our mind is nausea. Personally, this was my worst nightmare. I started getting nausea as early as only three weeks into my pregnancy and didn’t stop until I was 30 weeks pregnant. And, I have to confess that this is the worst irritating feeling, ever!

You wake up in the morning feeling an acidic feeling in your stomach; you feel gasses rising through your esophagus and a shocking feeling that makes you feel like throwing up. Actually, the majority of the times are when I threw up. I am a very cheerful person, I would wake up early in the morning make breakfast for my husband and do some little house chores, but, nausea made that part of me to be a long time memory. I would wake up in the morning heading to the bathroom to through up. During the early stages when I started experiencing it, I would throw up more than 5 times in a day. I had to skip meals just to avoid throwing up!

2. Strong sense of smell

If you wild ask a group of mothers: what does morning sickness feel like? Quite a large percentage will tell you about the sudden aversion to smelling. You have been using particular cologne for more than 8 years then all of a sudden the smell of it irritates you so much that you want to throw up. Chances are that you are pregnant and experiencing morning sickness.

The sudden aversion to smell to certain foods, odor or even cigarette smell is a sign of morning sickness. Personally, I found cigarette smell so irritating. The smell of it made me have a headache. Also, despite the fact that I liked eggs, on the third week of my pregnancy, I didn’t want the smell of it. Actually, at times I even used to ask my husband to kindly request the neighbors to stop cooking eggs. Funny? Yes! It was that bad.

3. Fatigue

My schedule during my first pregnancy was: work, sleep, take a nap, eat, sleep… repeat. I used to get so fatigued so easily, being a journalist, I have to travel a lot, and initially I liked it since traveling is my hobby. But four weeks into my pregnancy things changed. I found that I was suddenly getting lazy.

Unlike the usual me, I would sleep every time we were traveling and had a take a rest after every 30 minutes when on field work. Considering the fact that I had been doing a lot of exercise in the gym previously, I had to consult my doctor just to make sure that nothing was wrong with my body. Hey, that’s how I got the news that I was pregnant and experiencing morning sickness.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and most importantly found it helpful. There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings surrounding morning sickness of which I hope this article has shed light to any doubt you had.

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