Signs That You Are Carrying Twins: When Do You Start showing With Twins?

Irrespective of the circumstance, pregnancy is always considered as a blessing. The idea of having a life grow in you brings a lot of joy to most women. Consider that you are not carrying just one life but two angels are developing in your womb. The idea of having twins is fascinating to many people including the soon to be mother. How do you know that you are going to have twins and not one baby? When do you start showing with twins?

Personally, I have been among the few lucky women who have had the privilege of giving birth to twins. Everything seemed relatively similar to my previous pregnancy where I gave birth to only one child. If you are not keen enough you might miss it and get surprised while giving birth after pushing out two beautiful angels instead of one as expected by most women.

How Do Twins Develop?

Before looking at how you show that you will have twins, it is essential to be informed on the basic concept of how twins develop. There are two types of twins, the identical ones and the fraternal ones. I have a set of identical twins and it took me several months so as to be in a position to clearly distinguish them.

a.Identical twins

Identical Twin

Identical twins are formed when an egg split after fertilization. There are various biological reasons as to why an ovum can split and given that the splitting took place after fertilization then this will lead to the formation of identical twins. The gender might differ given the chromosomes in each. However, there are incidences in which the ovum doesn’t completely split this lead to the formation of identical twins that share certain organs of the body or are simply attached to each other.

b.Fraternal twins

Fraternal twins

This happens where more than one ovum is released in one cycle or you have double ovulation. Each ovum is fertilized by a different sperm and attaches themselves on different parts on the uterus.

Signs that you are carrying twins: When did you start showing your twins?

As a mother, we get curious about our pregnancy immediately after discovering that we are pregnant. Am I going to give birth to a baby boy or girl? Is she going to have my physical looks or will my husband/boyfriend have the upper hand on this? A lot of questions run through most pregnant women’s mind and to some extent we can’t blame them.

Personally, on my second pregnancy, I started having some strange dreams and visions that I am going to give birth to twins. As creepy as it was I gave birth to twins and research has it that most women pregnant who end up giving birth to twins might have strange visions having twins. Let that not freak you out, this method is not reliable. Don’t take a joint and hallucinate having twins and expect it to be true.

The following are the signs that can give you a clue as to whether you are carrying twins.

1. Very positive pregnancy result

When you ask several women who are lucky to have twins: when did you start showing your twins? Very few know that you can tell whether you are having twins through a home pregnancy testing kit. How is this possible? After conceiving, your body produces the pregnancy hormone HCG, it is this hormone that is tested for when you take a pregnancy test. If you are having twins on taking the pregnancy test you are most likely to get a thick and darker red second like since there are high levels of HCG.

2. Severe morning sickness and fatigue

Moody and nausea

Morning sickness is a nightmare to most pregnant women. If you are having twins, you are most likely to experience severe morning sickness compared to someone who is carrying a single child. And, as if that’s not bad enough, you get tired quite easily. However, so as to accurately tell that you are having severe morning sickness you must have experience prior to another pregnancy. In other words, you can’t tell if you are having severe morning sickness on your first pregnancy.

3. Early weight gain

Due to increased blood volume considering the fact that two babies are developing in you, you are more likely to have rapidly increased weight gain. Quite a number of women when asked: how did you start to show your twins? An undeniably large number will claim that they gained weight rapidly in comparison to their previous pregnancy.

4. Large bump given the gestation age

Large bump given the gestation age

If you are carrying twins, you will have increased uterus stretching and large fetal height that might not match up to your current gestation age. This is how most pregnant women who give birth to twins discover they are carrying more than one baby.

5. Ultrasound

This is the most efficient way to determine if you are having twins. The ultrasound will give two distinct heartbeats if you are carrying twins.


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