Where to Take Children With Special Needs?

Every child is unique in themselves. Some have very good vision, some good hearing power and some good memory. Some children are creative thinkers while some are more scientific. There is also nothing to worry about if your child is differently able or a gifted one. Even the stated-to-be normal children have got many problems. So, don’t let your child lag behind in education just because he needs special care in learning. There are a number of schools and a number of techniques available to carry forth their learning. They just need different methods and equipments to grasp things. Even they can be admitted to normal schools once they learn to read and write using techniques taught in special schools.

Who are gifted children?

Gifted children are ones who have IQ levels above than the average children. They grasp things faster than the normal children. They have higher level of understanding and intelligence.

Who are children with special need?

Special need children are the ones who are hard of hearing, seeing, and speaking. They need different equipments while learning things like Braille or visual aids.

Who are differently-abled children?

Differently-abled children are ones who have problems in writing and reading. This comes under many categories as dyslexia, dysgraphia, cerebral palsy, and so on. They sometimes face difficulty in writing in the correct sequence or writing in reverse order, seeing things backward, and so on.

Teaching methods for special need and differently-abled children:

There are a number of techniques used today for teaching the differently-abled and special need children. These are as follows:

1. Braille: It is used for teaching the blind children. The books have raised letters so that the children can touch them to feel and understand.

2. Projector: It is used for teaching things to the deaf students. Lessons come up on the screen as letters, images or movies.

3. Audio system: It is used to teach the blind students. Lessons are recorded and they can repeatedly listen to them to learn their lessons.

4. Sign language: It is used for those children who are both deaf and dumb. Special teachers are required to teach in sign language.

How to choose a school for children with special needs?

These schools need special features in them for providing comfortable learning atmosphere to the special need children:

  • The schools must have specially trained teachers
  • They must have special equipments as projectors, audio system, and Braille
  • Elevators should be there for movement of wheel chair
  • Harmful objects must be kept away from children so that they don’t get hurt
  • 3D models should be used for explaining the deaf children
  • Classrooms should be large enough for free movement
  • There must be presence of nannies to feed the children
  • Teachers should be friendly
  • Students should not be given extra burden of home works
  • There should be fun activities in the school to keep up their interests
  • Teachers should be patient enough to explain things again and again
  • Special examination system should be there
  • Things should be explained to them in a story-telling manner
  • They should not be scolded for making mistakes

It is very wrong to think that these children can never lead a normal life. Of course, they can, once they learn things in special schools. Many of them can later be admitted in schools with normal children. Sometimes they even perform better than the regular students and shine brighter. To conclude, you must visit the Atlanta Parent to get a list of fantastic schools for your special child.

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