The Top 3 Women’s Health Trends Of 2019

You may think you've seen it all, but 2019 may hold the best of women's health trends of all time. The New Year buzz comes with its share of positivity where most write down their well-intended plans for the next twelve months. Some declare to be more health conscious towards eating and exercising while others vow to drop or reduce some bad habits such as smoking, drinking or activities that lead to low self-esteem.

It's still early in 2019, and you still have time to fulfill your list of resolutions while adding more meaningful ones in the process. Exercise and diet apps are gaining popularity. Many are realizing that self-care can begin with morning yoga and a cup of healthy coffee laced with turmeric.

Going vegan is still an option for some while others opt for intermittent fasting. Many are cutting down hours in social media to walk in nature instead and reduce the anxiety associated with social media last year. Below are some of the latest 2019 women health trends to watch out for. Some tendencies may have begun in 2018, but clearly, there's no slowing down.

1.    Plant Based Meats

In the bid to cut out the adverse effects associated with meat in general and embrace the benefits of vegetables, women are now opting for plant-based foods that cook, look and smell like the real meat. The ingredients of these meals mostly include tofu or some kinds of mushroom. These foods are not only smell like meat, but also supply protein for your body. Besides that, another advantage of these food is they almost look and smell like meat, but they do not have cholesterol, therefore, they will help to protect your heart and circulatory system.

For a long time, the trend was for a minority vegans. The improved technology saw many converting to vegans while eating foods that give the same satisfaction as meat.

You should expect more of plant-based meats this year with the leading producer, Beyond Meat and other food manufacturers. If you're still keen on the movement of plant-based food, you’ll notice the peak of plant-based fish in 2019.

2.    Brain-Boosting Nutrition

Long gone are the days when the brain power was at the mercy of what you ate or didn’t eat during lunch. In 2019, you’ll find more people embracing naturally made cognitive supplements to boost memory and fight depression. The supplements take away the stigma surrounding the addictive nature of brain boosters.

Unlike chemical brain boosters, naturally made brain boosters may take longer time to make you feel the effectiveness, but they will not cause side-effect which may harm your body. Furthermore, they will supply other nutrients and help you become healthier.

Eudaemon is leading the way with supplements that are made mainly from herbs and full of vitamins to fight anxiety, depression and memory loss. Other companies following suit are Form Nutrition and Trubrain.

3.    Get Particular with Macronutrients

Meso Nutrients are inside specific foods such as tea, blueberries or turmeric. To get enough macronutrients, you’ll have to consume a lot of that food. For example, tomatoes have macronutrients known as lycopene with antioxidant properties.

So, the question is: how can we eat ton of each kind of food everyday to absorb enough macronutrients for our body? Supplements are created to answer this question. More supplements are coming up with these macronutrients already extracted so that your body can get enough of nutritional value. Sufficiency use of supplements can supply our body enough macronutrients we need.


2019 looks promising as far as healthy trends are concerned. Expect to see more curiosity around packed foods and drinks. Women want to know what they, as well as their family, are consuming and how the nutrients will help their overall wellbeing.

Mental stability is at the forefront where stress-fighting foods and practices are picking up with momentum. Overall, look forward to seeing enlightened, well-balanced people in body and mind.

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