How To Encourage Your Teen’s Interest In Science?

Children are natural scientists as they are curious and eager to learn everything they can about the world.  However, in their teenage years, this natural instinct can disappear and many teenagers start to think that science is confusing, boring or difficult.  Fortunately, you will be able to encourage your teen’s interest in science with a few simple tips.

Encourage Questioning

Children are always asking questions and you need to encourage this as they become teenagers.  Having an inquiring mind is not only important when it comes to science, but is a valuable trait throughout life.  You should also encourage your teen to think critically and explain their reasoning.  They should also experiment and evaluate which are essential science skills that can be used in all areas of life.

Find Science In The Real World

Teenagers are more likely to become engaged with science when they are able to see how it applies to the real world.  You should consider visiting places where your teen can experience science in action.  This could be a museum, the planetarium, galleries or an observatory.  You should also look for any interactive websites, science holiday programs and science fairs that your child might be interested in.

Keep Up With The News

Science will generally be more interesting for teens when they can understand the impact that it has on daily life.  Watching the news to keep on top of the latest scientific developments in all science fields from new technology to medical breakthroughs is important.  You should also take the time to talk to your teen about what they think about these developments.

Focus On Effort, Not Grades And Talent

The science subjects at school can be challenging.  Instead of focusing on the grades your teen gets, you should try to focus on the effort they put into their science learning.  You should then praise them for their efforts and any improvements.  This will encourage your teen to develop a growth mindset which is the belief that the more effort they put in, the more they will learn, achieve and develop. If they need help or want it then a science tutor can be a great aid.

Talk About Science Careers

When teenagers think of a scientist, they will often have the image of a person working alone in a laboratory while dressed in a white coat.  This is not actually the case.  You should talk to your teen about the different fields where science is applied from marine biology to food science and more. 

Link Science To Something Your Teen Loves

As technology and science have an impact on almost every aspect of your loves, you can easily link it to something that your child already loves.  If your child loves to cook, you can get them to research the chemistry of cooking.  If your teen loves playing computer games, you should encourage them to explore the world of coding and develop their own game.

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